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Aneirin Karadog Pip y Pengwin Bach

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Llun: Luned Aaron

Saturday 14:00 Little Welsh Dresser

Book Tickets: Free Event 

Aneirin Karadog Pip y Pengwin Bach Gwasg Rily
Gwrandewch ar stori Pip y Pengwin bach gyda’r prifardd Aneirin Karadog

Chaired Poet Aneirin Karadog’s story about Pip y Pengwin


Weird and wonderful history tour

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Sat 12:00 St Teilo’s Church 

Weird and Wonderful History Tour
Join Nick Brunger for a guided walk through some specially selected parts of Llandeilo’s past together with a smattering of stories from Carmarthenshire’s ‘horrible history’. Meet in St Teilo’s Churchyard

“Ymunwch â Nick Brunger am daith drwy hen Landeilo gyda straeon am hanes y dref. Cyfarfod ym mynwent eglwys Teilo Sant.”

Nick Brunger: The Weird And Wonderful History Tour
Join the proprietor of the Creepy Carmarthen Tour for a guided walk through some specially selected bits of Llandeilo’s past together with a smattering of stories from Carmarthenshire’s “horrible history”.  Meet in St Teilo’s churchyard at….. Image result for llandeilo church
Nick’s selected Creepy Carmarthen stories will be available soon from the Gomer Press.

Book Fair and Book Cafe

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Llandeilo Book Fair

Book Fair and Book Cafe

The Book Fair will be held  between 11am and 4pm Sat 28 and Sun 29 April at the Llandeilo Civic Hall on Crescent Road.

With over 30 local authors showing off their work it’s a good job that  food and drinks will be provided by Llandeilo’s very popular  cafe / breakfast venue The Hangout.

The Hangout  are special with their mixture of traditional and innovative food and their a “seed to plate” approach,  meaning any elements they can make, bake, cook or create in house they will aim to do so using the best locally sourced ingredients.


Cynhelir y ffair Lyfrau rhwng 11.00yb a 4.00yh ar Ddydd
Sadwrn 28ain a Dydd Sul 29ain Ebrill yn y Neuadd Ddinesig pan fydd dros 30 o
awduron yn dangos eu gwaith. Darperir bwyd a diod gan gaffi poblogaidd, The



Mynnwch seibiant bach o’r holl ddigwyddiadau i eistedd
lawr, ymlacio a phori gwaith rhai awduron cyfarwydd a rhai bydd yn ymuno â ni
am y tro cyntaf. Bydd rhywbeth at ddant pawb.

Stop for a little break from the literary events to sit down, relax and browse the works of some familiar authors and some who will be joining us for the very first time. With the amount of authors present there is something for everyone.

On the Saturday, April 29th, the authors present on Saturday are:

GB Williams, Sam Smith, Jan Newton, Alan Goodwin, Anne Signol, William Scott Artus, Carol Lovekin, Dafydd Wyn, Cheryl Rees-Price, James Morgan Jones, Wendy Holborow, Nicola Beechsquirrel, Colin Parsons, Will Macmillan Jones, Jean Gill, Graham Watkins, Mary Powles, Lisa Shambrook, Judith Arnopp, Greg Howes, JK Samuels, Sarada and John Thompson, and Kate Glanville.

On top of this, we have tables from Cambria Publishing, Planet, CISP Multimedia, Cyfoes, Thunderpoint Publishing,

On Sunday additional authors are Thorne Moore, Judith Barrow, Christoph Fischer, Hilary Shepherd, Peter Barker


For updates on the Book Fair follow

The address is   Crescent Rd, Llandeilo SA19 6HW


Approaching Llandeilo from the bridge end proceed through the town to the C.K.’s cross roads and turn right – the hall is about 200 yards down on the left hand side.

From the A40 roundabout end, proceed through the town to the C.K’s crossroads and turn left, the hall is 200 yards down on the left.

You can support the festivalvia

Contact: E-mail: LlandeiloLitfest@mail.comFollow us on Twitter: @LlandeiloLitfest

Bydd Ffair Lyfrau Llandeilo yn rhan o Hwyl Llên Llandeilo , 26-29ain Ebrill 2018

Cynhelir y Ffair Lyfrau rhwng:

11yb a 4yp, dydd Sadwrn a Sul , 28-29ain Ebrillyn y Neuaddd Ddinesig, Heol y Cilgaint, Llandeilo

Am y newyddion diweddaraf

Gellir cefnogi yr Ŵyl drwy gyfrannu:

Bank details for donations:

Llandeilo Lit Fest NatWest

Account No:75553198 Sort Code 53-7031

“THE GREEN HOLLOW” by Owen Sheers

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“THE GREEN HOLLOW” by Owen Sheers
Sunday April 29th at 12:00 Horeb Chapel
​The extraordinary memorial to the 1966 Aberfan disaster for its 50th anniversary – the collective story as it has never been told.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Aberfan disaster, the Welsh poet and playwright has written a ‘film poem’ based on the voices and memories of those involved.
Chair: Christoph Fischer
Y gofeb anghyffredin i drychineb Aberfan ar ei hanner can mlwyddiant – y stori gyfunol fel na’i chlywyd erioed.

I goffau’r trychineb mae’r bard a dramodydd wedi ysgrifennu ‘cerdd ffilm’ wedi’i seilio ar leisiau ac atgofion y rhai oedd yno.


In 1966 a coal slag heap collapsed on a school in south Wales, killing 144 people, most of them children. Poet Owen Sheers has given voice to those who still live in Aberfan, the pit village in which tragedy struck, and uses their collective memories to create a striking work of poetic power.

This is a portrait not just of what happened, but also of what was lost. What was Aberfan like in 1966? What were the interests of the people, the social life, the sporting obsessions, the bands of the day? What was the deeper history of the place? Why had it become the mining village it was, and what had it been before the discovery of coal under its soil? Perhaps most significantly: what is Aberfan like today?

The Green Hollow is a historical story with a deeply urgent contemporary resonance; a story of what can happen when a community is run by a corporation. It is also a story known along generational rather than geographic borders. Based on the BBC One production, The Green Hollow is a beautifully rendered picture of a time and place – and a life-altering event whose effects are irrevocable.

The Green Hollow: an extraordinary memorial to the 1966 Aberfan disaster. The BBC commissioned Sheers to write a film-poem, including performances by Michael Sheen, Jonathan Pryce, and Sian Phillips, to mark the 50th anniversary of the disaster in 2016.
Faber and Faber are now bringing the powerful and hugely moving film-poem into print in a beautiful hardback edition of The Green Hollow released this April.

The Green Hollow is a historical story with a deeply urgent contemporary resonance; a story of what can happen when a community is run by a corporation. It is also a story known along generational rather than geographic borders.

Based on the BBC One production, The Green Hollow is a beautifully rendered picture of a time and place – and a life-altering event whose effects are irrevocable.

Owen Sheers is a poet, author and playwright. His first novel, Resistance, was translated into ten languages and adapted into a film. The Dust Diaries, his Zimbabwean non-fiction narrative, won the Welsh Book of the Year. His awards for poetry and drama include the Somerset Maugham Award for Skirrid Hill, The Hay Festival Poetry Medal and the Welsh Book of the Year for Pink Mist and the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award for his play The Two Worlds of Charlie F. He is Professor in Creativity at Swansea University and lives in Wales with his wife and children. His second novel, I Saw A Man, was published by Faber & Faber in June 2015.

Adventures in the Book Trade

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Jeff townJeff Towns on being an itinerant Bookseller 

Book Tickets: £8

An illustrated ramble through the History of Dylans Bookstore from its inauspicious  small beginnings in 1970 at 75 High Street Swansea ( rent 10 shillings a week) through years of itinerant bookselling at Book Fairs in London and all around the Uk and then  on to Canada, USA, Malta and Amsterdam . With references to famous and infamous customers – Mick Jagger, President Jimmy Carter. Mandy Rice Davies, Sir Peter Blake, Ian McKellen, Oliver Sacks et al . Ending with the reincarnation as a proper itinerant outfit with the establishment of Dylans Mobile Bookstore. Along the way Jeff Towns has edited and written a few books mainly relating to Dylan Thomas – which earned him the nick name “That Dylan Guy”


Jeff Towns yn siarad am ei brofiad fel gwerthwr llyfrau teithiol.

Mae Jeff Towns yn un o arbenigwyr mwya’r byd ar Dylan Thomas. Mae’n gwerthu hen lyfrau ac yn byw yn nhref y bardd sef Abertawe. Yn wreiddiol roedd Jeff yn adnabyddus fel ‘Jeff y Llyfrau’, bellach fe’i hadweinir fel ‘Y Bachan Dylan Thomas’.


Jeff Towns is one of the world’s leading Dylan Thomas experts. An antiquarian bookdealer by trade, based in the poet’s home-town of Swansea, Jeff was originally known, both locally & globally, as ‘Jeff the Books’. He is now known simply, affectionately and professionally as ‘The Dylan Thomas Guy’.


Ifor Ap Glyn: Cuddle Call 

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Friday at 19:30 at the Horeb Chapel, Cawdor Hotel
Ifor Ap Glyn: Cuddle Call 

Ifor ap glynBook Tickets: £5

Detholiad dwyieithog o gerddi hen a newydd, gan Ifor ap Glyn, bardd Cenedlaethol Cymru, Gyda Elinor Wyn Reynolds.

National Poet of Wales, Ifor ap Glyn will be reading from his new book of selected bilingual poems.


‘Merci Cymru’ – Tim Hartley

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TimHartleyTim Hartley: “Merci Cymru” – Saturday 28th of April 18:30 Angel Inn

Book Ticket: £8

Do, fe aeth Cymru i Ffrainc i gystadlu ym Mhencampwriaeth Pêl-droed Ewrop. Aethon nhw mor bell â’r rownd gynderfynol. Ond beth oedd ystyr yr holl beth?

Mae “Merci Cymru” yn gasgliad o atgofion a lluniau sy’n dathlu a chofio llwyddiant tîm pêl-droed Cymru yn Euro 2016. Mae’n cynnwys cyfraniadau gan gefnogwyr, sylwebyddion a doethinebwyr.

Mae Iola Wyn yn ysgrifennu am yr effaith ar ei theulu ifanc o fod oddi cartref am fis. Mae’r newyddiadurwr chwaraeon Dylan Ebenezer yn mynd tu ôl i’r llenni ym mhencadlys tîm Cymru ac mae’r Athro Laura McAllister yn awgrymu y dylai llwyddiant ar y maes chwarae galonogi’n gwleidyddion a’r gymdeithas ddinesig Gymreig.

Chair: Dafydd Rhys

Yes, Wales went to France for the European Football Championship. They actually got the semi-final. But what did it all mean?

“Merci Cymru” is a collection of memoirs and photographs to celebrate and commemorate the success of the Welsh football team in Euro 2016. It includes contributions from fans, commentators and pundits.

Iola Wyn writes about what the month away from home meant to her young family.

Sports journalist Dylan Ebenezer goes behind the scenes at the Wales team HQ and

Professor Laura McAllister suggests that success on the field of play should embolden our politicians and Welsh civic society.

Here are some reviews.

“Perthyn naws dyddiadur ac albwm lluniau teulol i’r gyfrol, ac mae’r cyfuniad hwn yn creu darlun byw o’r profiad o weld Cymru’n hawlio ei lle haeddiannol ar flaen y llwyfan rhyngwladol. Mae cyfraniad Laura McAllister, cyn-gapten tim pel-droed merched Cymru a chwareodd 24 o weithiau i’w gwlad, yn serennu.Yn gyfuniad o gofnod personol teimladwy a dadansoddiad treiddgar, mae’n pwysleisio’r angen am adeiladu ar lwyddiant yr Ewros, nid yn unig ym maes chwaraeon ond yn ehangach. ‘Rhaid i ni ddefnyddio ein llwyddiant ar y cae pel-droed fel catalydd i newid ein delwedd ohonon ni’n hunain, yn ogystal a’r ffordd mae pobol eraill yn ein gweld ni fel cenedl.”– Annes Glynn, Cylchgrawn Barn

“Mae ol gwaith meddwl golygyddol ac mae pob pennod yn cyfrannu rhywbeth gwahanol: profiad personol Iola Wyn, llygad at y gorffennol gan Gwyn Jenkins, cipolwg y tu ol i’r llenni yn Dinard, Llydaw gan Dylan Ebenezer, a thrafodaeth am chwaraeon mewn cyd-destun ehangach gan Laura McAllister.”– Garmon Ceiro, Cylchgrawn Golwg

“Daeth twrnament yr Ewro a’r Cymry Cymraeg a’r di-Gymraeg ynghyd fel unwlad, pawb yn gefn i ymdrechion ei tim cenedlaethol. Mynnwch ddarllen y llyfr ar bob cyfrif.”– John Morris, Y Clawdd