Llandeilo Book Fair

Book Fair and Book Cafe

The Book Fair will be held  between 11am and 4pm Sat 28 and Sun 29 April at the Llandeilo Civic Hall on Crescent Road.

With over 30 local authors showing off their work it’s a good job that  food and drinks will be provided by Llandeilo’s very popular  cafe / breakfast venue The Hangout.

The Hangout  are special with their mixture of traditional and innovative food and their a “seed to plate” approach,  meaning any elements they can make, bake, cook or create in house they will aim to do so using the best locally sourced ingredients.

Cynhelir y ffair Lyfrau rhwng 11.00yb a 4.00yh ar Ddydd
Sadwrn 28ain a Dydd Sul 29ain Ebrill yn y Neuadd Ddinesig pan fydd dros 30 o
awduron yn dangos eu gwaith. Darperir bwyd a diod gan gaffi poblogaidd, The


Mynnwch seibiant bach o’r holl ddigwyddiadau i eistedd
lawr, ymlacio a phori gwaith rhai awduron cyfarwydd a rhai bydd yn ymuno â ni
am y tro cyntaf. Bydd rhywbeth at ddant pawb.  
2018 variation
Stop for a little break from the literary events to sit down, relax and browse the works of some familiar authors and some who will be joining us for the very first time. With the amount of authors present there is something for everyone.
On the Saturday, April 28th, the authors present on Saturday are:
GB Williams, Sam Smith, Jan Newton, Alan Goodwin, Anne Signol, William Scott Artus, Carol Lovekin, Dafydd Wyn, Cheryl Rees-Price, James Morgan Jones, Wendy Holborow, Nicola Beechsquirrel, Colin Parsons, Will Macmillan Jones, Jean Gill, Graham Watkins, Mary Powles, Lisa Shambrook, Judith Arnopp, Greg Howes, JK Samuels, Sarada and John Thompson, and Kate Glanville.
On top of this, we have tables from Cambria Publishing, Planet, CISP Multimedia, Cyfoes, Thunderpoint Publishing,
On Sunday additional authors are Thorne Moore, Judith Barrow, Christoph Fischer, Hilary Shepherd, Peter Barker


For updates on the Book Fair follow
The address is   Crescent Rd, Llandeilo SA19 6HW


Approaching Llandeilo from the bridge end proceed through the town to the C.K.’s cross roads and turn right – the hall is about 200 yards down on the left hand side.
From the A40 roundabout end, proceed through the town to the C.K’s crossroads and turn left, the hall is 200 yards down on the left.
You can support the festivalvia https://www.gofundme.com/hwyl-llandeilo-litfest
Contact: E-mail: LlandeiloLitfest@mail.comFollow us on Twitter: @LlandeiloLitfesthttps://www.instagram.com/llandeilolitfest/
Bydd Ffair Lyfrau Llandeilo yn rhan o Hwyl Llên Llandeilo , 26-29ain Ebrill 2018
Cynhelir y Ffair Lyfrau rhwng:
11yb a 4yp, dydd Sadwrn a Sul , 28-29ain Ebrillyn y Neuaddd Ddinesig, Heol y Cilgaint, Llandeilo
Am y newyddion diweddaraf
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