Some corrections and programme updates

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Please note that our Free Event on Saturday  

HOW THE WEST WAS WON: Women in the Creative Industries

starts at 18:30 and not at 17:00 as mistakenly printed in parts of our programme.
Sadly Manon Eames can no longer participate at the event.

Please note that our event on Saturday
starts at 20:30 and not 20:00 as mistakenly printed in parts of the programme.
This event now also features Emyr Lewis


Menna Elfyn : Cennan Cerddi was erroneously billed for Sunday on the Ticket website, but it is on Saturday, as published everywhere else.

Due to a family illness AMAZING ADJECTIVES and DINGLEDUM DRAGON have been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Friday night programme addition:

The Ferryside Lapwings are a small collective of village wordsmiths, poets and singer/songwriters. It was formed during a collaborative performance by the original Ferryside Trio, Glyn Jones, Dominic Williams and Alexis Jones in September 2017 at the Llanelli’s Spoken Word Saturday organised by Eleanor Shaw.

The event is bilingual and free and starts at 20:30 in the Angel Inn. 

Dominic Williams is a poet and Alexis performs what she claims to spoken word accompanied by a few strummed chords. Alexis writes and sings in both English and Welsh.

Their performance will be a short lightweight bilingual mixed set of 20mins – 1/2 hour with a sense of humour, serving as natural bridge between Ifor ap Glyn and Noel James.

We’re delighted to welcome Dominic back to our festival. Dominic was one of the founders of the inaugural Dinefwr LitFest with Llenyddiaeth Cymru / Literature Wales in Llandeilo. It’s wonderful to have him here again continuing to contribute, at Llandeilo Lit Fest.


Catrin Beard will chair Jon Gower’s session on John Selway 

Gary Raymond’s session “The Golden Orphans” had to be cancelled.


Dathlu Diwylliant 2018 || Celebration of Culture 2018

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Noson dda heno – cyffroes excellent night diolch @CarmsCouncil #hwylllenllandeilo @LlandeiloLitFst

Last night Gaynor and I received an award for our Literature Festival. It’s amazing to think we had an idea two years ago and people everywhere have said yes, and helped and supported us, from artists to volunteers, councils, business owners and residents.
And despite set backs and all kinds of teething problems, support has not wavered and now we got a sssscestificate!



Christoph Fischer on the Red Carpet with Llandeilo artist and fellow writer Kate Glanville
Fellow winners: Brigid Jones (Art @ the Hall), Christoph Ffischer (!) and Gaynor Jones
LitFest trustees: Gaynor Jones, Christoph Fischer, Nick Brunger

Not long to go now to the festival:


Are we sitting comfortably?

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Lit Fest author Carol Lovekin muses about her forthcoming talk on Genre, Ghosts & the Gothic
Saturday 28th April 11:30 at Mark Waghorn Designs “Reading Room”
Book Tickets: £5

The author of the award winning “Ghostbird” presents her new book“Snow Sisters” and talks about genre, ghosts and the gothic.

Snow Sisters: Two sisters, an old house and Angharad a girl who cannot leave.

Making it up as I go along

Island Life, Word Birds & Process

In a couple of months I’m giving a short talk at the Llandeilo Literary Festival. It’s lovely to be invited & I’m looking forward to it. Although I still experience a frisson of nerves when called upon to face an audience, these days I do so with more confidence. In particular, I like engaging with people; with readers who have questions. These are my stories & I know them – there’s very little to be nervous about frankly. My previous experience of audience participation has been 99% good. (Asking about the 1% will get you nowhere! There’s always one?)

questions (2).jpg

When Christoph – our hardworking leader – asked me for some advance info for publicity (not least the title of my talk), I had to think on my feet. The festival doesn’t happen until April but needs must & I like an organised chap.

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The Suffragettes and the Cat and Mouse Act #Fawcett #MondayBlogs #Women

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A taste of Judith Barrow’s session on the Suffragettes – a post from her blog.
For more on her talk:
Book Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/suffragettes-a-talk-by-judith-barrow-tickets-43474234606

Judith Barrow

History Women Voting United States Women W

It can only be estimated that the number of women who went to prison was more than 1,000 because many were imprisoned under public order offences and so are not easy to identify.

Neither is it certain how many went on hunger strike or were forcibly fed.

 But it is certain that the Suffragettes refused to bow to violence against them. 

 They were quite happy to go to prison. And, from 1909, women demanding the status of political prisoners began to refuse food. The government was extremely concerned that they might die in prison thus giving the movement martyrs. So prison governors were ordered to force-feed Suffragettes even though this caused a public outcry as forced feeding was traditionally used to feed those who were then called lunatics…as opposed to what were mostly educated women.

 Force-feeding was a serious problem. The force-feeding of hunger-striking suffragettes was invasive, demeaning, and…

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Well this is pretty great… Our very own Gaynor Jones and Christoph Fischer win Carmarthenshire Celebration of Culture Award for Llandeilo Litfest.  

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Great news: Our 2017 festival won the Carmarthenshire Celebration of Culture Award, Literature Category. Organisers Gaynor Jones and Christoph Fischer will accept the award on behalf of the contributing authors and volunteers.

Newyddion da: Enillodd Gŵyl 2017 Wobr Diwylliant Sir Gaerfyrddin yn yr adran Lenyddiaeth. Bydd y trefnyddion Gaynor Jones a Christoph Fischer yn derbyn y wobr ar ran yr holl awduron a gwirfoddolwyr.

Gaynor with Sion Tomos Owen
Christoph with a group of authors at last year’s festival, including fellow Award winner Fflur Dafydd

Tickets for the Lit Fest in April 2018 are now live

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Tickets for the Lit Fest in April 2018

are now live at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/llandeilo-lit-fest-16877977571

You can also get them at these shops in Llandeilo:
Dress Agency, Carmarthen Street
Peppercorn Kitchenware
Red Cross Book Shop

Please note that due to the size limitations of the venues events can sell out quickly. To avoid disappointment please book in advance, even for the free events

Mae tocynnau ar gyfer Yr Ŵyl Lên yn Ebrill 2018 yn nawr ar gael ar lein https://www.eventbrite.com/o/llandeilo-lit-fest-16877977571

Gallwch hefyd eu prynu yn y siopau canlynol yn LLandeilo

Ail Argraffiad, Stryd Caerfyrddin
Peppercorn Kitchenware
Sio Lyfrau’r Groes Goch

Noder gan fod rhai o’r lleoliadau’n fychan byddant yn debyg o werthu allan yn gyflym. Er mwyn sicrhau eich tocyn archebwch eich tocyn o flaen llaw, hyd yn oed ar gyfer y digwyddiadau rhad.

Meleri Wyn Jones “Na, Nel!” – Ie, yn Llandeilo

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Saturday 13:00 at Eve’s Toy Shop
Na Nel! Reading with Meleri Wyn Jones

Book Ticket: Free Event

Na, Nel! – Ie, yn Llandeilo

Dewch i gwrdd â’r awdur Meleri Wyn James wrth iddi darllen stori newydd am Nel, seren ddireidus y gyfres boblogaidd. Fe fydd Meleri hefyd yn dangos i blant sut ddaeth cymeriad Nel yn fyw, yn tanio eu dychymyg ac yn rhannu sticeri a nodau llyfr am ddim.

Mae Na, Nel! yn gyfres o lyfrau gwreiddiol i blant oed Cynradd. Llyfr Nel oedd y cyntaf i gael ei gynnwys fel rhan swyddogol o ddathliadau World Book Day eleni, ac fe fydd Nel a’i ffrindiau yn dod yn fyw ar lwyfannau trwy Gymru yn sioe Arad Goch yn ystod haf 2018.

Llyfrau Na, Nel!

Mae cyfres wreiddiol Na, Nel! (y Lolfa), gyda lluniau trawiadol John Lund, wedi mynd o nerth i nerth ers i’r llyfr cyntaf gael ei gyhoeddi yn 2014. Bellach, mae yna 8 llyfr i gyd, gan gynnwys 6 llyfr stori, dyddiadur a llyfr gweithgaredd. Am fwy o wybodaeth ewch i http://www.nanel.co.uk

Yr awdur

Cafodd Meleri ei geni yn Llandeilo, ac mae bellach yn byw yn Aberystwyth. Mae’n fam i ddwy o ferched ac yn awdur sydd wedi cyhoeddi dros 20 o lyfrau: i blant, pobol ifanc ac oedolion. Mae hefyd yn olygydd i wasg y Lolfa.

Na, Nel! – Yes, in Llandeilo

Come and meet Meleri Wyn James as she reads a new story about Nel, the mischievous star of the popular series. Meleri will also be showing children how she brought the character alive, firing their imagination and sharing free stickers and bookmarks.

Na, Nel! is a series of original books for children of junior age. Na, Nel! – Un Tro… was the first book to be officially included as part of World Book Day celebrations this year, and Nel and her friends will be becoming alive on stages through Wales in Arad Goch’s show this summer.

Na, Nel! books

The Na, Nel! series (y Lolfa), with stunning pictures by artist John Lund, has gone from strength to strength since the first book was published in 2014. There are now 8 books: 6 story books, a diary and an activity book. For more information go to http://www.nanel.co.uk

The author

Meleri was born in Llandeilo, and now lives in Aberystwyth. She’s a mother of two girls, an author and has published over 20 books for children, young people and adults. She is also a book editor for y Lolfa press.