Latest addition to the programme: “Dingledum Dragon/ Dyfrig Y Ddraig “

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Saturday 29th of April, at 2pm at Igam Ogam

We’re delighted to add another bilingual event for our young audience:

Dingledum Dragon/ Dyfrig Y Ddraig: A book signing and meet and greet with the author Marlene Powell and illustrator Beth Saunders.

Eventbrite - Dingledum Dragon/ Dyfrig Y Ddraig Admission is freecover for marketing

Marlene will be reading from the story and  Beth will discuss the illustration process and demonstrate as needed.
Books will be available for purchase on the day also – first edition copies of both the Welsh and English signed by both author an illustrator.

Dingledum Dragon is the hero of an exciting new series of books written by Marlene Powell and illustrated by Beth Saunders, for children aged between 4 and 7 years of age! In the first book Dingledum who is tidy and neat welcomes his messy and untidy cousin Dobledeedee, who has come to stay for the weekend. Things take a turn for the worst when Dingledum finds his home covered in rubbish and decides that it is time to teach his cousin a lesson, by placing rubbish in Dobblededee’s bed. After spending most of the night cleaning the house and putting things right,

“Dobblededee had learned something too,
Don’t leave your rubbish, please take it with you!”

Synopsis Dyfrig Y Ddraig

Dyfrig y Ddraig yw arwr cyfres o lyfrau cyffrous newydd sbon ar gyfer plant rhwng 4 a 7 mlwydd oed, a ysgrifennwyd gan Marlene Powell a darluniwyd gan Beth Saunders! Yn y llyfr cyntaf, y mae Dyfrig, sydd yn daclus a glân yn croesawi ei gefnder Dafydd sydd braidd yn anniben. Mae pethau serch hynny yn troi ar ei ben, pryd mae Dingledum yn gweld ei dŷ hyfryd llawn sbwriel, ac mae’n penderfynu ei fod yn hen bryd i ddysgu gwers i’w gefnder, trwy roi sbwriel yn ei wely! Ar ôl gwario rhan fwyaf o’r noson yn glanhau a cheisio tacluso…

“Yn wir dysgodd Dafydd
Wers bwysig serch hynny
Paid gadael eich sbwriel
Ewch ag e ‘da chi!!!”


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