Jo Hammond talks about women explorers

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Sunday 30th Aprilfullsizeoutput_4a
at 1pm
at the Fountain Fine Art Gallery

Eventbrite - Jo Hammond talks about Women Explorers   Admission is Free
Wilderness and Paradise

Jo Hammond talks about women explorers and their independence of spirit.

“My talk relates to my most recent book Wilderness and Paradise and gives the outline of the stories in the book about women explorers who all mounted their own independent expeditions. I hope to demonstrate the  independence of spirit that they showed often against the rules of society which kept women in the home. I also look at what they had in common, what drove them to be so independent. The talk is suitable for anyone over sixteen years old.

photo-on-20-04-2016-at-09-39Born in 1953 in London but brought up in West Africa and educated in boarding school, Josephine Hammond went on to University College London where she graduated with a degree in French and Italian. After working briefly in France she settled into married life in England and had four sons, three of whom are triplets. She taught languages for many years then, after moving to Pembrokeshire, escaped into her own business selling hampers of local produce by mail order as well as taking an MA in Creative Writing at Trinity College Carmarthen.Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 07.44.33.jpegfullsizeoutput_3af

She has published three books, Battle in Iraq, about World War 1 and the part played by her grandfather, Adelina Patti, Queen of Song, and most recently Wilderness & Paradise about women explorers of the Arabian desert. She is a regular speaker at the Tenby Arts Festival giving talks on a range of different artists the latest one being about Joséphine Baker and has given talks to Creative Writing groups, WWDFAS and the King George Fund for Sailors.


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