Dr. D. Huw Owen: Capeli Cymru

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The Chapels of Wales

Dydd Sadwrn, 29ain Ebrill am 3 o’r gloch yn Nghapel Horeb, y Cawdor

– there will be simultaneous translation facilities available for Welsh learners and non- Welsh speakers

Eventbrite - Dr. D. Huw Owen: Capeli Cymru  £5,90  Capeli Cymru

Y mae Dr. D. Huw Owen yn gyn-Geidwad Darluniau a Mapiau yn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. Y mae’n aelod o Bwyllgor Gwaith Capel, Cymdeithas Treftadaeth y Capeli, ac yn Ymddiriedolwr Addoldai Cymru, Ymddiriedolaeth Adeiladau Crefyddol Cymru.
Y mae ei gyhoeddiadau yn cynnwys Settlement and Society in Wales , Capeli Cymru,  The Chapels of Wales a Hanes Cymoedd y Gwendraeth a Llanelli.

Saturday 29th April
at 3pm
at the Horeb Chapel, Cawdor Hotel

Dr. D. Huw Owen is a former Keeper of Pictures and Maps at the National Library of Wales. A native from Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire, Dr D. Huw Owen has been an archivist, administrator and lecturer in Aberystwyth and Cardiff. He’s active with the Welsh Presbyterian Church , and a member of Executive Committee of CAPEL, The Chapels Heritage Society.and a Trustee of Addoldai Cymru, the Welsh Religious Buildings Trust.

He will deliver an illustrated talk with a power point presentation, followed by a discussion session on Welsh chapels in Welsh at the Literature Festival.Huw Owen

His acclaimed book The Chapels of Wales is a gazetteer of over 120 chapels, many of which played a key role in the faith, culture and history of nineteenth and twentieth century Wales, and whose  influence continues into the present century. D. Huw Owen’s comprehensive survey records some of the buildings now being lost, through demolition or conversion to new and non-religious uses, and explores the life to be found within those which remain. The author provides an informative general Introduction, and each individual entry includes a discussion of the architectural importance of the chapel, its historical and cultural significance, its current spiritual health.

The book is generously illustrated in colour throughout with photographs of the huge variety of styles – exterior and interior – which mark these important buildings. Owen journeys across Wales, exploring Welsh and English-speaking chapels in all parts of the country, in cities, towns and villages. He also ventures into the Welsh diaspora, taking in chapels in Liverpool, London, Philadelphia, Oregon, Melbourne and Gaiman in Patagonia, in this invaluable guide to this most characteristic of Welsh buildings and of Welsh communities


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