Cook Book author Lisa Fearn with a cooking demonstration at the Ginhaus Deli

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Thursday April 27
8:30 pm
in the Ginhaus deli.

Eventbrite - Cook Book author Lisa Fearn with a cooking demonstration at the Ginhaus Deli  £5,90 Cooking Demonstration

Lisa will give a demonstration of her cooking and be available for questions by aspiring cooks and cook book writers alike.


Merch o Gaerfyrddin yw Lisa Fearn ac mae’n fam i bump o blant. Dros y blynyddoedd bu’n gweithio ym myd bancio ac ym myd addysg. Yna, ymgartrefodd Lisa gyda’i theulu yn ôl yn Sir Gâr, ar Fferm Allt y Gog, lle sefydlodd ysgol arddio a choginio i blant, sef The Pumpkin Patch. Erbyn hyn, mae hi wedi dysgu miloedd o blant i dyfu a choginio eu bwyd eu hunain (ac wedi dysgu ambell riant hefyd).  Gweler ei gwefan:

Mae Lisa’n cynnal arddangosfeydd coginio’n gyson mewn gwyliau bwyd ledled y wlad. Mae Lisa’n golofnydd gyda’r Carmarthen Journal. Mae hi’n westai cyson ar Radio Cymru a Radio Wales, ac yn gogydd ar raglen Prynhawn Da, S4C, hefyd. Cyhoeddodd ei llyfr coginio cyntaf Blas / Taste gyda Gwasg Gomer yn 2016.

Lisa Fearn is a Carmarthen girl and a mother of five. She established a gardening and cookery school called The Pumpkin Patch in Allt y Gog Farm in Felin-wen, Carmarthenshire. By now, she has taught thousands of children to grow and cook their own food (she’s taught a few parents too). Lisa is a columnist with the Carmarthen Journal and a regular on Radio Wales and Radio Cymru. She is also a cook on the Prynhawn Da programme on S4C. She published her first recipe book Blas / Taste with Gomer Press in 2016.

More information about Lisa check her website.

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Mike and Kate first met in the Three Tuns, a very popular and much loved local drinking pub (everyone in Llandeilo has fond if not slightly hazy memories of the Tuns!).  Many years later, and they are happily married with three little Kindreds and still in the Tuns!! ….. which they have now lovingly transformed into the wonderful Ginhaus deli!Image result for ginhaus

The Ginhaus deli is located in the very beautiful little town of Llandeilo and aspires to be the best delicatessen in Wales with a huge selection of Welsh and world-wide products including cheeses, wines, olives, artisan …

Pop in to smell the loaves being baked, to taste samples of our delicious cheeses, to marvel at our impressive selection of gins, to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere or just to say hello…!



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