Pete Akinwumni rugby mad poet and musician

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Sunday April 30th
at 12 noon
At the Horeb Chapel, Cawdor HotelNation poem.jpg

Eventbrite - Pete Akinwumni rugby mad poet and musician  £2,71 Pete Akinwumni

Pete is a rugby mad poet and musician, whose poem ‘ A Nation Holds Its Breath Again’ kicked off last year’s Welsh rugby season with nearly 20,000 You Tube views.

You can watch the video here.crowgig3.jpg

Pete Akinwumni

in his own words:

I’ve been a musician in S.Wales for the past 40 years, gigging continuously for the past 23 to the current day. I started spoken word performances in 2011 and was fortunate enough to win a reading spot at the’ How the Light Gets In’ festival, which is the fringe event to Hay Literary festival. I write about philosophical issues, political perspectives and personal experiences which I hope will add to the sum of human artistic impressions albeit in a small way. I write primarily because I love words and wordplay, juggling with meanings using nuance as much as brutish honesty and as far as possible offering a perspective that otherwise may have never been considered. I consider poetry as art, to be a vehicle in which truth may travel, not necessarily the truth itself.
If I have any real knowledge of people, their emotions, thoughts and actions it is from a career as a mental health professional and educator where many many hours were invested in individuals (staff as well as patients!) with psychologically based difficulties. Distraction has always been available to me via music and sport, principally rugby though I can now add two grand boys onto the list that include four children of my own but whose parentage I share with three mums.
I am working on my first publication, an ambitious project in which I hope to include poetry and prose to describe my perspective on life and how it came about.

Peter Akinwumni, bardd,  ffan rygbi a cherddor

Dydd Sul Ebrill 30ain am 12 yng Nghapel Horeb, Y Cawdor

Mae Peter yn berfformiwr heb ei ail ac yn wyneb cyfarwydd ar hyd sicit de Cymru ers 40 mlynedd. Mae’n sgwennu am wleidyddiaeth, athroniaeth a profiadau personol.


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